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My Wildfire
I don't mean to shine my light on you,
But this fire's burning through
And it's tearing up these fucking nightmares
That I've been living, too!
All this time spent running,
Hiding that which was true;
Made all that blinding darkness
Cover up the real you.
Oh, for so long
I've been waiting to ignite
Hoping that your cowardice
Would run from my light.
But now it's on
And I can see
What couldn't be seen in you
In my heart
I only hope
That others can see it too!
Your cruelty will make you singe,
Make you cringe,
Make you scream.
And hopefully will be a lesson
Never to toy with me!
My wildfire
Cannot be tamed...
It is the light
That shined in me
When others walked away.
It is the ground
Beneath my feet,
My dreamer of the day!
Now that the fire burns in me
I can see what is true
And oh so clearly
I can see
This fire will never burn in you.
:iconmiscellaneous123:Miscellaneous123 0 1
It's a slow descent into madness.
             Dreary sadness
It's the silent cry of the moon.
A pain known to only those who've lived.
It's the feeling of a loved one gone
The searing pain of a final song
The closing of a favorite book
Knowing no one else will care to look.
It's like a corner.
A sad, lonely corner.
And there lies a full grown man finally learning to call for help
While his whole world disappears before his eyes.
It's the winter when we long for spring.
The hunter while the birds are trying to sing.
It's a small space where we feel trapped
But we are trapped together.
If only you'd look left or right
Maybe you'd find the switch for light.
And maybe you'd find someone,
      Or four
         Or five
Who also struggle to be alive.
Take from them this vital advice
Dark is evil, and light is nice
And if you find that darkness is
:iconmiscellaneous123:Miscellaneous123 3 11
Reach out and Touch the Sun by Miscellaneous123 Reach out and Touch the Sun :iconmiscellaneous123:Miscellaneous123 0 0
No One Left to Lose
Blocked from the world
Shielded from the truth
A billion mile sheet,
Strong enough,
Willing enough,
To cover the mighty sun's
raging beauty.
It's dark now
And she's wandering around
Jumping at every sound,
Trying to remain quiet
So that they don't hear...
...Her desperate cries for help.
She mustn't bother.
It's been something mandatory
For some time now.
A young hero born into the arms of a broken kingdom,
Must stand strong in the face of danger.
They rely on her to keep a straight face,
To not look left nor right
To not show a single sign of weakness.
But she can't help it.
It's dark now.
It was always inevitable.
And now more help is needed to return
The light.
It's useless.
All those who seemed to care
Don't care for much in the end.
They turn their backs
Stick their naïve noses in the air
And Grunt.
How DARE we get up to help!
What will be said of us if mistakes are made?!?!
Let the hero deal with all there is!
So she struggles with her words.
Let the hero deal with fate unto
:iconmiscellaneous123:Miscellaneous123 7 3
A friend of whom I cannot remember,
Has the voice of the silent wind
Flying here and drifting there,
For he will not be contained
Smoke in a cage, he’ll rise through the bars,
Being freed from such a harsh rule as ours
A murder of the body and soul
Was committed with triumph!
Of the lonely howl of the wind
Sung to a lowly child
A woman without her husband,
A friend without her friend,
No one there to meet you to help you through the end!
He’s tried many times to make his life like mine;
And I have tried many times to hum him one last rhyme.
For here and there a thought
Without a friend to hold my hand;
It strikes me odd to know I’ll never see him again.
Once more a myth is told with doubt,
In attempt to help each other out;
A feeling held from hand to hand
As they leave each other once again.
As the clock ticks on and the stories are droning;
This young man will have to pause his growing.
He’s waited too long to simply just show her,
But the heart he has deep do
:iconmiscellaneous123:Miscellaneous123 2 0
Out of the Darkness, and into the Light! by Miscellaneous123 Out of the Darkness, and into the Light! :iconmiscellaneous123:Miscellaneous123 0 0 The Abandoned Palace!! by Miscellaneous123 The Abandoned Palace!! :iconmiscellaneous123:Miscellaneous123 2 0 Loralite??? by Miscellaneous123 Loralite??? :iconmiscellaneous123:Miscellaneous123 0 0 I FOUND THE PRECIOUS GEMS!!! by Miscellaneous123 I FOUND THE PRECIOUS GEMS!!! :iconmiscellaneous123:Miscellaneous123 1 0
Wherever I may Roam
On the road,
Towards a world I once left alone
On my own
To return to a place that was once my home
These years that had passed by
While the wind let out its sorrowful cry
Have been like a chill in the night
That time could not sneak by.
Just know, wherever I may roam
You will be there in my heart
No matter how far away from home
You will never leave my mind
And know that as time flies by
Your love will never leave my eyes
This long, dark path,
Has led me astray,
No one’s hand to hold,
But that of my own
Oh please, wake me up
From this sorrowful dream!
A foolish man’s walk
My swim through an icy stream
I hold my breath as I plunge down under
Trying to find what’s left of me.
I take another step forward,
And hope that someone will set me free!
Just know, wherever I may roam
You will be there in my heart
No matter how far away from home
You will never leave my mind
And know that as time flies by
Your love will never leave my eyes
I step and step
Twist and turn
Hoping to
:iconmiscellaneous123:Miscellaneous123 6 5
This is the Time
I open my eyes
Looking around I see
Nothing but an ocean of waste
A desert of lies
They told us
Many years ago
Of the dangers that resided beneath our feet
The bugs destroy
The animals will kill
The plants get in the way
Of our world
They said we needed to chop
To spray
To release these helpful fumes into the air
That they will rid of the pests!
That they will make more room for us!
We wonder why our world is getting so hot.
As we continue to chop trees for more space
We wonder…
The Earth is getting hotter
We’re running out of time,
And what used to be
All our luxury,
Our temporary sanctuary
Is now a dry, dry world
Filled with dust, and a sun with no restrictions
This is the time
Right now
To better our world
To better ourselves
Before our nightmares come to life.
:iconmiscellaneous123:Miscellaneous123 4 2
I am attached to my emotions
And my emotions, I’ll never let go
Although they're never spoken through my mouth
But rather through my mind
An eternal silence shall rain upon me
Such as you’ve given to all those
Who have existed before my time!
And my emotions
Send messages to my mind
Telling my mouth, to not say a thing
I’m silent
So quiet
But raging inside
A passionate fire burning up my mind
Mixing up thoughts with visions in my head
Visions that manipulate
Try to convince me
To wish to be dead
A smile is a lie
A laugh is a lie
All you should know is I’m hurting inside!
And the world has taped my mouth shut
With the consequences of all life
Saying that if I utter a single word
It’d corrupt other’s minds.
Scorn will begin to grow,
All because my feelings
I decided to show
So I’ll look away from you,
As you’re reading this now
And I’ll bite my tongue,
Fearing what’s to come.
And with that, I’ll sta
:iconmiscellaneous123:Miscellaneous123 6 2
Cross Roads
Its early morning,
The sun holds no redemption for me
It’s such a sweet destruction
Have to be a glutton when our feelings taste right
As I stagger onward,
Into this world that has no shame
The pain is closing down
The sea of souls,
Crowding around me.
I know that reality won’t mind
If I decide to leave my cares behind
Allow me to liberate my mind
For my greatest moment, lived in my lifetime,
Said goodbye to me for the last time just the other night.
I’m running away
Trying to find a place to hide
Too scared to face my everlasting shame
A new horizon,
A look of shame
Was written in clear print
Straight across her face.
My dream will be erased,
And so many things,
Will never be the way they seemed
Like her face, no longer can I read…
Her story,
Swept away from me as time went on
Her book, her light
Went on that road to the left,
And I go to the right.
So now, that the crossroads tore us apart,
I guess I’ll just sit back and wait for that light to return,
:iconmiscellaneous123:Miscellaneous123 5 13
Sand Man
I smile,
Through the wasteland that's my world
Through the hunger that's my heart
Through the sorrow that's my mind
Only to find,
The sparkling water bright
The golden desert's cry,
Under the silver dagger's shine!
I regret
My lies
My feelings
I try
To hide what's deep inside
So you can't steal my pride.
I shed,
My old, old skin tonight
Before my venom levels rise
So that you can sleep tonight!
Can't you feel,
The pressure levels rise?
As we slowly die,
Trapped in each other's eyes.
Your life is what I hold
That's more than you've been told.
That's right,
I shed my skin tonight
My lies, no longer can I hide.
Can't you hear
My lonely screams tonight?
My strength that's out of sight!
I can make my way through the night
So I can see you by my side
Run away, but I can't hide!
My hunger, a rising tide.
Can't you feel
The least bit of fear tonight?
Sorrow finally out of sight!
I feel,
Swelling, deep inside
No longer can I hide
So I shed my skin tonight.
:iconmiscellaneous123:Miscellaneous123 4 23
Ave Roma (Hail Rome Latin Version)
Viribus Nativitas Romae,
Conditoris fulsit, ad multos annos
Per singulos dies, ad multos annos
Per singulos menses.
Crevit Roma et Floruit,
Domuit et vincit
Tempus regum, et reipublicae
Et quoque imperii.
Hostes, digmissimi timeri, timescebant
Nam superare potestatem Rome
Non poterant.
Per caedam bellunque
Cunctos, Victoria post victoriam;
Roma elata est.
Etiam post lapsum eorum,
Historia adhuc vivit
Spiritus vitarum
Iacitur per oculos nostros
Ita ut recitare possimus et videre
Ave Roma, ad victoriam!
:iconmiscellaneous123:Miscellaneous123 1 13
Hail Rome
The birth of Rome sparked with strength
With the youth of its founder
Through days into decades
Through months into years
Rome grew and it prospered
It dominated and conquered
Through the monarchy
And Empire too,
More than worthy opponents
Trembled with fear
For even they could not condone
The strength of Rome
Through bloodshed and war
They conquered it all
Victory after victory
Rome stood tall.
Even after their fall
Their legacy lives on
The breath of their lives
Shoots through our eyes
Let’s us recite, and lets us see,
Hail Rome! To victory!
:iconmiscellaneous123:Miscellaneous123 1 4
These are things I did; they're all my original artwork. This is my humble abode right here :D



Before the flood by Mad42Sam Before the flood :iconmad42sam:Mad42Sam 98 1 Castiel by Oceansoul7777 Castiel :iconoceansoul7777:Oceansoul7777 13 4 ! ! !The Evolution of Jak and Daxter! ! ! by 9029561 ! ! !The Evolution of Jak and Daxter! ! ! :icon9029561:9029561 30 4 Jak and Daxter by TaintedDNA Jak and Daxter :icontainteddna:TaintedDNA 53 11 Doctor Who The Eleventh Hour by Blizarro Doctor Who The Eleventh Hour :iconblizarro:Blizarro 2,101 347 The Doctors Wife by Blizarro The Doctors Wife :iconblizarro:Blizarro 221 74 Gimme That Fez by Blizarro Gimme That Fez :iconblizarro:Blizarro 945 75 Adventure Time and Space, Complete Nu Who by Blizarro Adventure Time and Space, Complete Nu Who :iconblizarro:Blizarro 388 32 Otters by Blizarro Otters :iconblizarro:Blizarro 284 37 Dwarves meme by Oceansoul7777 Dwarves meme :iconoceansoul7777:Oceansoul7777 6 14 Get that out of your mouth. by fricken-pimp Get that out of your mouth. :iconfricken-pimp:fricken-pimp 204 10 Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson. by fricken-pimp Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson. :iconfricken-pimp:fricken-pimp 322 29 Space Travel by QAuZ Space Travel :iconqauz:QAuZ 368 25 Space Wallpaper by Hardii Space Wallpaper :iconhardii:Hardii 181 22 River and Doctor by fricken-pimp River and Doctor :iconfricken-pimp:fricken-pimp 455 72 Doctor Who Stamp by Malcassairo Doctor Who Stamp :iconmalcassairo:Malcassairo 3,259 298
These are amazing artworks from AMAZING people!! Don't NOT give them credit :D :D :D :D :D :D

some REALLY good bands!! My favorites :3

Nightwish Support Stamp by Seiorai Nightwish stamp by CelticCry :thumb84880337: I Love Tarja and Anette Stamp by MarcoLover Stamp Anette Fan by sikka Marco Hietala Stamp by RecklessKaiser EPICA [stamp] by GothicNai :thumb95193695: Epica stamp by GuardianOfShigeru Lacuna Coil Stamp by iZgo Lacuna Coil Fan Stamp by Silver-Dew-Drop StampHeroes - Lacuna Coil by lonesomeaesthetic

My favorite videogames!!!

Sly Cooper - Stamp by Eva49 ::Jak and Daxter Stampage:: by xloki-arisux Sims 3 by EmmaL27 Ratchet and Clank Stamp by nakashimariku Uncharted Stamp by konallei Tomb Raider : Underworld Stamp by BaB-Jane Psychonauts by zombeeBOT FarCry 2 Stamp by SuperFlash1980



:iconiampoison94: :iconkrazykari: :iconsassmaster-scieszka: :iconreginatang: :iconkawaiivillian: :iconbmrg14: :iconnldarkstripe: :iconfirewolf123456: :iconstaralbaraka: :icononatra: :iconreginat: :iconnightwishgirl666: :iconsheppins: :iconmiyamiyamya: :iconsmarticle-hooters: :iconaltered-affliction: :iconcomartist: :iconkimmybear0929:


Basically, man.

Damn :( :iconallaloneplz:


So, hey there guys, (or just me considering you guys don't see these things, nor do you care)

I know I haven't been on lately, but I haven't had the time, considering lately I've been developing a life on the outside. I remember a couple months ago freaking out about growing up, and now I've overcome that first step and I'm preparing myself for graduation and in the very near future, college.

I've already decided where I'm going, and it's, again, nonyabusiness.
I can't believe they have a whole school system set up! It's crazy!!!

I can say though because I really don't care, my brother is going to be going to Adelphi University, which is actually not too far from my own college. We are both dorming so we are going to be expected to keep an eye on each other, just as we have our whole lives. I guess in the end it's really just him and I.

I guess since I've been here for a while I'll keep my account active, but again there's rarely going to be anything going up on this website, considering I've lost my motivation to write.

Here's an update on my life:

I've experienced my last parent teacher conference.
I stopped being friends with Elizabeth, but we're on good terms
I'm driving now
I took two AP exams in two days
I have finals coming up
Going on senior trip
Going to prom (Alone but with friends) :iconforeveraloneplz:
I'm graduating in the college I will be attending
It's hotter than a fire in summer over here :L

And that's basically it. I'll see you guys in June maybe :thumbsup:

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Lara S. Michaels
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Okay... I am a highschool student in the US. I am sixteen years old and my life has been dedicated to not NOT living my life. My life REVOLVES around writing. I always carry around my little idea notebook just in case. I love to pretend I know how to draw. My friends only call me a few things; Laradara, Larry A, and the occasional YO MICHAELS. I LOVE my symphonic metal. You can always find me listening to either Nightwish, Lacuna Coil or Epica. When I'm not listening to music, I'm thinking about it!!! I play both the acoustic and electric guitars, and I'm in LOVE with the variety!!!
If you have any other questions about me, don't be afraid to ask!

I've ALMOST got my real color back!!!!


Current Residence: On a different planet
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Peach... only one.
Favourite genre of music: Metal/Rock (Symphonic)!
Favourite style of art: LITERATURE! Ehh, cartoon...
Operating System: That thing that makes things up in mah head.
MP3 player of choice: Wait... I know this one...
Shell of choice: Anything I can't eat!
Favourite cartoon character: Tuomas Holopainen... Wait... He's real.
Personal Quote: "Welcome to the club! I have your party hat and congratulatory cookie waiting for you."

and if you'd like to know more about me, check out these terribly organized stamps!

I imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfate .: Stamps OC :. by Seppyo Writers Stamp by shadow-wolf-haunts Music Stamp by The-Hamlets Big Words by QuidxProxQuo My Characters STAMP by NocturnalMelody9 I love music Stamp by Creativeness Go away reading stamp by thebluemaiden The Button of Knowledge by SanguineEpitaph I support writing English by FragileReveries Female Sci-fi Fan - stamp by TwinTwosGirl 'Explaining' Stamp by Sonira-Stamps Overactive Imagination by World-Hero21 Forever lazy by prosaix My Own World Stamp by Mirz123 Right On Stamp by bandit4edu I cannot draw by prosaix Writer Stamp by AkatsukiMemberWoolfy Mistakes Stamp by SuperNeko64 Wishful Thinking by whispwill I'm Famous Stamp by Khrinx Invisible by pjuk Move Things With Mind by fear-the-brilliance The power of flight by prosaix Writers Block Stamp by Khrinx Hard to be clear-Stamp by Dinoclaws Talk To Myself Stamp by In-The-Zone Stamp: Listener by delusional-dreams Read instructions by dazza1008 Finishing a good book. by Ajvonka After Midnight by LaurenEatsChildren Stamp: I Support O.o by xxsomeoneelsexx Man vs spider by CookiemagiK:thumb217742156: Stamp: Procrastinator Unite.. by Nawamane



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